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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Written by Lynsey Crombie

Cleaning can be really overwhelming for some of us, it’s a household chore that let’s be honest, we would rather not be doing. Weekends are for having fun and spending time with family, not mopping the floor.

But the downside is we all have to look after homes and do housework, if we don’t we end up with mountains of laundry and no clothes to wear, with sticky floors and surfaces that certainly do not make our homes inviting for the cup of tea after the school run, or get together with your neighbour.


Where to start

Break your housework down and control it.  Make a daily TO DO list and add on here a few cleaning tasks.

My 5 minute challenge has proven to be a huge success for busy working families.  It’s so easy to do and takes no time at all. Five minutes doesn’t seem like a long time at all, I mean you can just about scroll through your social media channels in 5 minutes, but if you put your mind to it, you can achieve a lot in 5 minutes if you really want to.

Simply enter a room in your home and set your phone alarm to 5 minutes and go go go. In this time I guarantee you can clean your bathroom, shake that bath mat out, open the window, wash out the bath & sink and wipe over the toilet. How easy was that!

Make your life easier

Choose the right cleaning tools and don’t overload yourself with every product on the supermarket shelf. Choose products that double up to do more than one job and also consider making your own products using staples from your kitchen.

If you have a few bathrooms, leave a cleaning caddy of products in one so you don’t have to be going up and down the stairs looking for products. This way you have products on hand for those quick clean up jobs. Use a storage solution like this Addis caddy tray to keep them nice and neat.

Do a load of washing every day, don’t let this build up and schedule in a few ironing sessions a week.  A good fast iron will really help here so consider the ADDIS AEON IRON along with a good sturdy ironing board. This compact one is a great price and is super sturdy: Addis Compact Ironing board

I also find when I am ironing I like to hang the garments up rather than fold into a pile, it keeps them from getting re-creased and makes it easier when putting away. Pop up the 6 arm iron tidy to assist. 

Involve the rest of the family, don’t let the kid’s just sit there whilst you are busting a gut trying to cook a meal, answer emails and wash up. Give them manageable safe tasks to do. Like setting the table and having a quick vacuum around.  Housework is about team work.


Queen of Clean top cleaning tips

Use an old toothbrush or mascara brush to clean those awkward bathroom filters

Cut a lemon in half and rub all over your shower screen to tackle that build up of lime scale and those awkward water marks that just won’t shift. You can use the other half of the lemon to freshen up and shine your draining board. Prevent water marks and lime scale build up by using a squeegee after showering.

lemons 2.JPG

For awkward carpet stains grab some shaving foam and apply direct to the stain and watch the stain come away with ease.

For mould patches that can often appear in the bathroom or on your window PVC, use a solution of white wine vinegar and warm water. Spray directly to the problem and leave for 30 minutes before rinsing.

If you have high gloss kitchen cabinets in the kitchen keep them shiny by buffing with a glass cleaner after cleaning.

Freshen up your mattress by using bicarbonate of soda and a few drops of lavender essential oils. Lavender will help aid sleep too. Apply using a sieve to get a good even coverage and vacuum off after an hour.

For smelly shoes stick a tea bag in, or freshen up using dry hair shampoo.

Use scented tumble drier sheets to really lift the dirt and clean those wooden slated blinds. You can even use the tumble drier sheet after you have used it for the laundry.

Tumble drier sheets also work really well on electricals such as TV screens.

Turn your flat headed mop upside down so you can tackle dust from ceilings and walls. Use the Addis flat mop for excellent results. 

Happy Cleaning

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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