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Friday, 14 June 2019

Written by Lucy at It's Lucy

A kitchen

Hi everyone! My name is Lucy – I’m a British lifestyle blogger based over in Liverpool. I’m wife, pet owner & Mum to Alexander, who is 2.5 years of whirling chaos . I’m here to talk Decluttering, cleaning, and Organizing. Less mess, equals less stress  in my eyes and I believe it can have a number of positives on day to day life.

Here are just 5 benefits 😊


  1. It clears your mind. There is something almost therapeutic about the whole process of cleaning, sorting and organising that brings me calmness and inner peace! I’m convinced it reduces my stress and anxiety levels too. Making room in drawers and shelves helps clear your mind. Maybe you will find something you’ve been looking for and it will bring you sigh relief, or maybe it will bring a welcome distraction to other things going on in your life? Maybe it gives you the chance to have that well over due clear out whether it be out of date tins in the food cupboard, kids clothes or the junk drawer (we all have one right?). I recently re organised the kitchen drawers (minimalizing and disregarding never used gadgets) and found my favourite mini gardening scissors I use to cut flower stems down. *Does happy dance*.
  2. Helps you reduce time spent looking for misplaced items. The worst for me is just when we need to leave the house , especially when I’m in a rush. I can be guilty of going over things multiple times too. Keys? Phone? Purse? Water bottle? The amount of time I spend aimlessly wondering around for Alex’s favourite beaker cup or shark toy! I swear II didn’t used to be this bad! Is age catching up with me? Lots seem to be able to relate to this so I am going to put it down to the busy lives we lead. You can also easily direct others to where things are. My mum tends to help out with Alex one day a week to allow me to work. It makes life so much easier (for us both) if things are organised and she knows she can find everything easily. Calpol, top drawer to the left, socks, wardrobe insert, 3rd pocket.
  3. It just sets an example! - We all battle with our children asking them to put things ‘back where they belong’. But I found myself asking do these things even have a place? Without one, we can’t expect others not to leave them scattered around the house!
  4. Increases your self esteem - feeling accomplished/satisfied is a great feeling, don’t you agree? Serving a meal to your family or putting that mountain of washing away are only a few examples of things that when done right and in a timely manner, boost your esteem and make you feel proud of your efforts. Ooooh I do love ticking off a good list.
  5. Fall back in love - It helps you fall in love with your home again by re thinking spaces. When you don’t have to pick toys off the floor to hoover, or move papers, chores are done faster. Your house will look and stay clean and tidier for longer periods too. Decluttering your home, donating to charity, and organizing the things you love, allows you to identify areas you need to improve in your home.

A lounge

When you live in a flat / terrace property like me with no garage/utility/playroom storage is just SO important. You have really got to maximise the space you’ve got!




A question I often get asked on Social Media is ‘as a house proud mum, where do you keep your toys?’....The toys are  in fact spread across the house and over two floors. We have lots in Alexander’s nursery/playroom, the bathroom and the lounge.


Toys - Lounge


This Pinterest inspired lounge was meant to be the Adult’s living room not the playroom but it honestly just works! We are lucky in that It’s quite a decent sized floor space with high ceilings so even when whole boxes of toys are emptied it doesn’t feel claustrophobic? We opted for my Aunt’s hand me down nest of tables as opposed to a coffee table in the centre = more play space. We have a Persian style rug with a play mat on, the dolls house & alcove units either side of the fireplace bursting with toys. One of the best decisions we made in is  having these units built in by a local joiner. However even storage needs storage! We use these to store everything from crayons to figures! I also try to maintain a tidy up rule whereby only one box is allowed out at any given time. So once the stickle bricks are  tidied up and neatly stored away the Play Doh can come out! Simples! 😊

lego 1

Toys - Bedroom


Clear, sturdy stackable toy boxes work for us & I store these on top of the wardrobe so that A)  There is no easy access for an unruly toddler at bedtime B) they can withstand the weight of heavy duty toys such as cars and Duplo c) They with withstand the constant movement/handling as Lego seems to be a firm favourite at the moment. We had similar if not the same ADDIS boxes growing up & I remember taking them to university Some 10 -15 years later. I’m all for pretty decoration but it’s about finding the balance and products lasting the test of time. I’ve linked the ones we use here.

lego 2



I’ve also started using to store seasonal Clothes & any bargains in an under bed storage system. It stores away nicely  to avoid wardrobe overflow & the dreaded Monica closet!

under bed

Now before Alex was even born, in my nesting state I organised the top drawer of his nursery chest of drawers & it’s been fantastic. However the storage I was using just didn’t stand the test of time ( and calpol drops, ointment leaks, sticky fingers) - you need something sturdy and practical. I switched to these and haven’t looked back.



Moving onto the kitchen, Alexander has his own cupboard and fridge shelf where I keep all of his food. We use these medium trays . Super handy when Mum is over to baby sit too – she can see everything clearly and allows me to see exactly what we’ve got in!


Going back and forward to Wales means we need good Tupperware to transport Alex’s favourite cereals (anyone else have a fussy eater?). This new drinking cup is perfect for no spills yet looks a bit more grown up rather than the character ones you see around. If it gets them drinking more water its a big thumbs up from me.  Perfect for use in the house or on the go!

kitchen 2

Now given that we’re only human, we have to accept that mess and clutter will happen, especially with toddlers & pets  in tow! But I’m now safe in the knowledge that at the end of the day, whether it be the or sea of toys on the lounge floor or a ransacked fridge it doesn’t quite bother me the same as I know come the end of the day, they all have somewhere to live! 😊


Written, styled & photographed by @__itslucy__


Until next time, L X


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