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Thursday, 10 October 2019

Written by The Secret Cleaner

Autumn is here! The glory days of frolicking in the sunshine are well and truly over for another year. But all that summer fun will be replaced by a different kind of joy: fluffy socks, woolly jumpers, pumpkin spiced lattes, and snuggling up in front of the fire, so I'm o.k. with it. I've partnered with Addis to share some inspiring ideas to help get your home ready for autumn.

I’m starting by moving summer items inside to shield them from the harsh elements.  Outdoor furniture, toys and equipment will last much longer tucked away where the wind, frost and rain can’t get to them. Addis’ 30L stacking Eco Storage Boxes are a great solution if, like me, you have limited space. I haven’t forgotten about my pegs this year! I’ve tidied them away in the Eco Caddy. Everything from the Eco Range is made from 100% recycled household plastic, which is sustainably sourced and made in the U.K.



I always wanted a capsule wardrobe, but I gave up on that dream years ago.  Instead, I’ve been putting together a capsule cleaning cupboard.  I have come to realise that I need a lot fewer products than I think. I’m trying to pare it down to a few key cleaners, keeping them handy in a well organised cleaning station. I’ve got bicarb, soda crystals, vinegar, DIY cleaner and DIY wipes stored on my Addis Under Sink Organiser. The shelving unit has helped me to make the most of an awkward space within my cleaning cupboard.

I try to make life as easy as possible for myself, but I’m not prepared to compromise on my principles. I stopped using single use, disposable wipes almost a year ago when I realised they contained plastic. Instead, I use re-usable cloths for all my cleaning jobs. I’ve recently discovered how to make my own ready-to-use cleaning wipes. I prep a batch on Sunday and that gives me one wipe per day to use in my bathroom. Keeping on top of the cleaning in this way means less to do at the weekend. Learn how to make them yourself here.

For more cleaning and organising ideas, including how to transform your relationship with cleaning, check out my book “The Little Book of Cleanfulness” available now.


Is it just me or do you get excited about treating yourself to practical things for the house? (I should probably get out more.) There’s no better time than autumn to think about a new door mat. I’m 100% ready to combat the oncoming invasion of rain, mud and leaves. Addis stock a range of mats and I’ve opted for this indoor Magic Mat in a lovely autumnal stripe. It’ll help keep dirt and mud off my light-coloured carpets while adding a pop of colour to my hall. With a footballer and a teenager in my house, I need all the help I can get!


I hate taking out the bins, especially when it’s cold and raining outside. Living in a first floor flat, it’s an absolute pain! If I’m honest, Mr Secret Cleaner does this job 99% of the time. But we decided to make life a little easier for him this autumn by allocating 2 bins for recycling. This means he won’t have to do it quite as often.  Both 40L Utility Bins are from Addis’ Eco Range.


We haven’t turned the heating on quite yet (even in Scotland), but it is definitely getting harder to find a warm, sunny day to dry clothes outside. Once the heating does go on, I plan to make the most of the energy I’m already using to heat my home with the addition of a few radiator airers. Addis stock a range of airers which come traditional and modern styles. I’ve opted for the chrome radiator airers, which come in a pack of two.


Impress your friends with these fun facts about autumn-

  • The autumn equinox almost always falls on 22 or 23 September. But because the Gregorian calendar is not quite in perfect symmetry with the Earth's orbit, the autumn equinox will very occasionally fall on September 24. This last happened in 1931 and will next happen in 2303.
  • Babies born during the autumn months are more likely to live to 100 than those born during the rest of the year.

Happy cleaning!

The Secret Cleaner xx

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